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 GM application ;)

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PostSubject: GM application ;)   Fri Jan 02, 2009 11:31 am

My Name:
Jesse Johnson

I am 16 years old just to let you know,
Im still younging and yet I still play conquer in the mean time whenever im on the computer.

Moderating expierence:
I have an PSP Site still running and alot of members i know the presure, 560 members.

Reasons why I should get this position:
First Reason: Hackers
Now in every private server you see, Is a Hacker, Hackers are everywhere.
Who would of known. You go to a new private server just made next thing BAM with hackers.
and me im a really nice person but to "hackers" its zero tollerance.
There should never be hackers in the first place.
Just people with Intelligents creating a hack to ruin a Game
Using there mind for useless hacking Gaming.
When they can be off useing there mind for doing better things,
Or even making a anti-hack, never noe, what has this world will come in to,
Hackers and there Stupidity and Selfish Acts. Needa Get Banned but thats if people hack in this server.

Second Reason: Active, Always Will, Always Be, Reqcognize
Now in few games I been In, I always have been searching through forums,
saying "whats up to everyone" , 'How everyone doing"
and so as In-Game playing with many people
and making a conquer Game Friendship you can say,
Because I got to admit conquer is actual fun to play thats why
I ask my self "why not take it up a notch " take it to next level by a bit by trying to Apply for GameMaster
than working to the top becoming than learning to do Dev and than never noe I might even make a server my self but i doubt it
thatd probably take awhile.
Its like this in an actual Gaming Company Goes through the ranks
Theres (Highest Rank to Below Ranks)
Admin(The Owner of the Gaming Company)-->Developer(The Who Created The Game)--->
and Simply im just in TesterRank2 Working my way up slowely at the time,
Since im startin another thing to which is rapping not for fame but, freedomly
off my mind. But i runned my own Gunz server for a while but i stopped it because of money.

Third Reason: Simply I am To My Word
If I am making promises to you. I like to regulate
the term "Loyalty Trust Respect"
Loyalty - I am Loyal on behalf my Words and willing to take one for the team. Meaning im down for you,
I Got your Back I will Support you,
Trust - Trust is what we need to stay together I know I gota earn yours, But im willing to take whatever it cost to gain your Trust
and that I never lie
Respect - I will Show Respect for any members of the Gaming Society. Makes Friends
But may Show Disrespect to whom that aposes me or starts rude displays or comments
Thus Loyalty - Trust - Respect

Send Me A Message First dont like to display my Contact information in public,
To many Spammers with E-mails, Or Messages, In some what, etc.

thanks for reading Thejj.
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GM application ;)
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