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 Gm sign up

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PostSubject: Gm sign up   Tue Nov 25, 2008 1:51 pm

hi i would like to be a gm


age:trying 16 in days


in game name: going to be koumar

How Long Played Co: haven't played any but played (Maplestory, legend of areas, wow, runescape)

Have you been A mod or a gm before: i haven't on co games have been on a privite server of runescape

How Mush exp You have: will i play alot of RPGs and i was a gm on a privte runescape

Why you think you should be a gm: i think i should be a gm because aim very very trust worth person iam really helpful nice and aim a really repectfull,and aim really good on a PC i can do alot of sutff on it. iam on the PC like aleast 3 hours a day and in those 3 hours ima going to play this game.

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Gm sign up
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